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Mix & Match

Elle Decoration shows us that dining chairs don't always have to match. They just need to be comfortable and stylish.

Photo: Elle Decoration


Upholstered dining chairs with black leather seats and saber legs (AW248)
Industrial metal dining chairs (BB38)
"Bikini" wire dining chairs by Charles and Ruth Eames (U111015)
Blue upholstered dining chairs with taper legs of exquisite form (BA199)
Black lacquer deco upholstered dining chairs (AG144A)
Upholstered empire dining chairs in rosewood with exceptional form (BC167)

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Editorial Inspiration - Spring Pots

In the mood for pottery? How about some french glaze confit pots?

A green bottle confit style jug (BC103)
A green flask confit style jug (sold)
A small green confit pot (sold)
A green confit pot (sold)
A confit pot, yellow with green (BC109A)
A confit pot, green with yellow (sold)

A confit pot, green with yellow (sold)
A pottery jug with circle decoration (sold)
A large olive oil pot (BC110)
A green confit pot (sold)
A yellow pot with handle (BC120)

A green pot (sold)
A dark green pot (sold)
A large decorated pot (sold)


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Cheers To The New Year

As I reflect into the past year, I am grateful for all my creative friends and colleagues who give me encouragement, inspiration and support to curate a collection of beautiful objects from the past in their interiors and in their projects. I am also grateful for the lifestyle that is associated with my career from the buying trips abroad and the beautiful things I find on these trips to the relationships that have evolved from my lifestyle. I am also grateful for the success of the Legends event and the people that help make it such pivotal event in our industry.

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The Garden

A current vignette of the garden in the Los Angeles showroom

A pair of iron urns (sold)
A yellow garden table with natural patina on an iron trestle base (Z107)
A carved stone bust of a woman (AH58)

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