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The Garden

A current vignette of the garden in the Los Angeles showroom

A pair of iron urns (sold)
A yellow garden table with natural patina on an iron trestle base (Z107)
A carved stone bust of a woman (AH58)

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Dining Chair Dilemma

Photo: Williams & Sonoma

It's the holidays, which means spending time with family and friends, buying gifts and cooking vast amounts of food. With all of these people crowding the table during meals it is important to consider the seating arrangements. Are there enough chairs? Are they comfortable, and how is their aesthetic?

With so may questions to mull over when preparing your holiday dining room, we'd like to provide a few seating options to ease the decision making process:

A set of "Bikini" wire dining chairs by Charles and Ruth Eames (U111015)

A set of dining chairs with high backs and shaped stretchers (AX112)
Dining chairs upholstered in leather by Gordon Russell (sold)

Set of black lacquer deco upholstered dining chairs (AG144A)
Set of industrial metal dining chairs (BB38)
Set of painted and decorated upholstered dining chairs (AZ140)
Blue upholstered dining chairs with tapered legs of exquisite form (BA199)

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Bookcase Clutter

The bookcase serves an important purpose; holding and displaying books and various objects. However its the way these objects are displayed that defines the owner's character. Is the bookcase minimal and streamlined, free of any excess articles? Or, is it filled to the brim with everything and anything?

The bookcase can be appreciated in either state, but it's a little more fun to have a chaotic case of curiosities, don't you think?

An english open face bookcase in oak (BB1)
A painted bookcase or shelving unit (BB35B)
A large painted oak bookcase (BB8)
An ebonized bookcase with 5 shelves (BB89)


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Combining Texture

Our latest piece is a set of early 1950's black wire and upholstered Eames dining chairs. We decided to pair them with a rustic oak wine table in a cold concrete environment. The product of combining mid century vintage pieces with true 19th century antiques is very refreshing.


U.S. circa 1950 set of black wire bikini Eames dining chairs (U111015)
France circa 1880 oak folding champagne table (BB84)


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The Daybed

Photo: Architectural Digest

 Every now and again one needs to lay back and enjoy a good book; nothing is better suited for that than a comfortable daybed. In the latest issue of Architectural Digest, Courtney Applebaum decorates art dealer, Maggie Kayne's home. When it comes to the reading room, Applebaum features a necessary piece of furniture, the daybed.


France circa 1950 daybed in the style of Pierre Paulin (BB70)
France circa 1880 deconstructed upholstered daybed (BB54)


Read the entire article in the November issue of Architectural Digest

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Book Release

Congratulations to Ellen DeGeneres for the release of her new book "Home", which displays the various styles of each of her houses, along with design lessons she's learned on the way. The book dives into her resources including some major dealers and designers here in the LA area.

Make sure to pick up a copy to add to your book collection. "Ellen DeGeneres has bought and renovated nearly a dozen homes over the last twenty-five years, and describes her real-estate and decorating adventures as "an education."

Pick it up your copy here - Amazon.com

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