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The Classics

The Classics

Juan Pablo Molyneuax Gallery

Photo: Veranda, September/October 2018 

The classical period of design pertains to the ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian styles of design. This was extended to both the arts and architecture as well. 

Here we see the influence of that period in the french chateau of designer Juan Pablo Molyneux. His sculpture gallery displays reliefs, casts, a beautiful chandelier (designed by Molyneux himself) and an exquisite plastered ceiling.   

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A cast of Dyonysos by British Museum | England, 1860 (BF49) 
A pair of marble capitals with square base | Italy, 1880 (V4B)
A framed (full length) drawing of a sculpture | France, 1880 (AW235A

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A pair of etched mirror panel hanging candlestick lights | Italy, 1920 (AR98)
A three tier table in mahogany with marble top | England, 1890 (BC113)
A carved stone bust of a woman | England, 1860 (AH58