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More is More

More is More

Serge Lutens AD Espana
Photo: AD España, October 2018

Amongst the many titles that he has accumulated throughout his lifetime - photographer, fashion design, hair stylist perfume creator - Serge Lutens has also added interior designer to his accolades.  Well known for being a creative, he's a well renowned lover of all things beautiful. 

Pictured here is one of the many salons from his home in Marrakech. The layering and well precise placement of frames fully embraces the "more is more" approach of design which we a fan of.   

Lee Stanton Antiques Lookbook AD Espana
A pair of ebonized and leather upholstered chairs | England 1880 (B179)
Oil landscape painting of town in Belgium |  Belgium, 1890 (B88)
Oil painting on board signed by Anton Baur | Germany, 1940 (U92612K)

Lee Stanton Antiques Lookbook AD Espana 2018
A tramp art frame | France, 1890 (BF203)
Canvas of Anticoli Corrado (Signed) | USA, 1967 (U11013B)
An abstract water color of dancers | Germany, 1940 (BD154)

Serge Lutens in Morocco
Serge Lutens pictured here in Marrakech.