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Top Picks: Melinda Ritz

When Melinda Ritz saw the Italian leather sofa, she couldn't help but share her thoughts.

Italy circa 1950 large sofa in buffalo leather (BB71a)

"When I saw this Italian Buffalo covered sofa it was love at first sight! I like my Italian sofas as much as I like my Italian men.  They are both well built, handsome and stylish, and moreover, they grow more handsome over the years. This guy, I mean sofa, is getting up there at around 65 years old with the look and feel of a well worn suitcase that has travelled the world and seen it all. Yes, Italy wins the prize for the best in design as far as Im concerned.  This fabulous and timeless looking leather sofa will mix well with a home filled with antiques from Europe as well as stand on its own in a very contemporary setting. You can throw this guy into any room and it will add warmth and personality to every setting. This Italian three seater speaks very little English, gets better with age and mixes  well with old and new. Just the way I like my men..." - Melinda Ritz

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Cliff's Top Picks


France circa 1950 metal desk lamp (BA173), England circa 1880 winged 2 seater sofa (AY239)

Cliff Fong's love for mixing antiques into his interiors has drawn his eye to a few of our items. He describes how he loves the period two seater sofa from England and the metal desk lamp from France.

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Schuyler's Top Pick

 One of Schuyler Samperton's favorite pieces is our Vintage Wallpaper. As she describes "I adore the colors in this chinoiserie-inspired print  – so modern and unexpected. It has a bit of a louche elegance that reminds me of something that Anita Pallenberg would have in her dressing room."

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