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Editorial Inspiration - Urban Industrialization

Photo: World of Interiors, Jan 2018


The New York apartment of painter, Milton Avery, is adorned with art and industrial furniture. The eclectic mix of beautiful antiques creates a clean and refreshing charm. 

Display art collections in various styles of frames and techniques to create vertical interest.

Browse Lee Stanton Antiques for antiques for similar pieces:

An abstract watercolor of Dancers on paper (BD154)
A plush low leather upholstered armchair (B79)
A William IV portfolio cabinet in mahogany with adjustable shelves (AT157)
A pair of iron folding campaign tables (BC64)
A black and red oil on board (BD155)
A set of four black leather Eames designed Herman Miller chairs (BE30)

Editorial Inspiration - Renewed Life in the Kitchen

Photo: House Beautiful, Nov 2017

Inga Rehmann's provincial inspired design incorporates unconventional pieces in this Arizona kitchen. Give a traditional kitchen a modern feel, by mixing traditional kitchen antiques, like confit pots and butcher's block, with pieces originally meant for other rooms, such as a pair of leather chairs, a trestle table or an oak cabinet.

See Lee's confession to learn more about giving your antiques a renewed life.


A yellow pot with handle (BC120)
A chopping block (B28)
A pair of Georgian revival Gainsborough chairs (AZ135)
A tall upholstered stool with lower shelf (BC146)
A walnut dining table with folding legs (BB55)
A large painted oak bookcase (BB8)

Editorial Inspiration - Eclectic Accessories

Photo: House Beautiful, Nov 2017


Designer, Nestor Santa Cruz, uses antique pieces to finish an elegant and creative home in Austin, Texas. Mixing antique and vintage pieces in the sleek and elegant foyer, provides subtle and understated hint of the style of the rest of the home.

Shop Lee Stanton Antiques to find similar pieces:


A bronze hexagonal lantern (AK101)
A Bouillotte or candlestick lamp (AK105)
A terra cotta urn (AV19)
A pair of upholstered stools (BD128)


Editorial Inspiration - Building an Art Studio

Photo: World of Interiors, Nov 2017


The studio in Lord Snowden's Old House, originally designed by his uncle, Oliver Messel, features miniature models of the home, a plaster mask and artist proofs. Build your own artist's studio, by layering antique furniture and accessories with industrial elements. 


A rustic Italian birdcage (BA9)
An abstract watercolor of dancers on paper (BD154)
A folding folio stand (BC129)
A metal Jielde lamp (B51DA)
An oak console with painted base (BB67)
An adjustable industrial stool (BB69A)

Layered Warmth

Layered Warmth

Photo: House Beautiful, Oct 2017
Designer, Barbara Westbrook layered warm woods, luxurious fabrics and muted matte paintings to create warmth in the October 2017 issue of House Beautiful. Browse Lee Stanton Antiques to create a similar look. 

A leather, upholstered club chair | France, 1960 (BB49)
A pair of twisted candlesticks  | England, 1860 (AY190)
A large oil on canvas of boats | Belgium, 1900 (B86)

French Tailor's Chest of Drawers with Brass Handles | France,1880 (BD156)
A large terra cota confit pot  (AV57)
A metal Jielde lamp (B51C)

Editorial Inspiration - Ebony and Honey

Photo: AD Oct 2017

Designer, Melián Randolph, kept the room clean, choosing a twisted-leg cabinet, sleek chair and honey colored terra-cotta accessories. Use pieces from Lee Stanton Antiques to create a similar effect:


An oak table with barley twist legs (AY92)
A terra cotta pot (AO90)
A wood inlay box on metal feet (BB16)
A domed box with Tunbridge inlay (AV95)
A yew wood tea caddy box (BC130)
A set of four Bikini chairs by Eames (U111015)

Editorial Inspiration - Wall Furniture

Photo: The World of Interiors, Oct 2017


Incorporating antique cabinetry into any room's design provides both storage and charm. Whether in a sitting room (above), kitchen (below) or bedroom (below), antique cabinets are a design staple.

Photo: The World of Interiors, Oct 2017
Photo: The World of Interiors, Oct 2017

Find similar pieces at Lee Stanton Antiques:

A large painted oak bookcase (BB8)
A painted Cornish dresser (B138)
A secretary bookcase with raised cornice (AX125)
An English open faced bookcase (BB1)

Editorial Inspiration - Modern Farmhouse

Photo: Elle Decor

Interior designer, Sean Anderson, designed his own home in his signature color palette, mixing antiques with dark hues and mysterious tones. 

Photo: Elle Decor
A painted balustrade as lamp (U060207C)
A large wooden pulley mold (BE18)
A bleached oak side table (B164)

Photo: Elle Decor


An oak table with barley twist legs (AY92)
A stained palm tree planter (AY83)
A bronze hexagonal lantern (AK101)
A large chalkboard (sold)
An upholstered arm chair (BC149)
A yew wood tea caddy box (BC130)