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An Easy Place to Work

An Easy Place to Work

Robert Stilin 1st Dibs Introspective
Photo: 1st Dibs Introspective 

While perusing Pinterest the other day, we stumbled upon these images of of Robert Stilin's NYC office originally published by 1st Dibs Introspective Magazine. The use of traditional antiques, industrial elements, and contemporary art demonstrates the overall ease that Robert brings to his designs.

Robert Stilin Lookbook 1st Dibs Introspective

French rectangle cherrywood extension table | France, 1860 (AY97)
Set of warming stones that can be used as trivets
or for serving | Spain, 1850 (BJ27)
A marble and tole lamp base | France, 1900 (BF127)

Robert Stilin Introspective Office

A display console and latter back chair warms up the metal bookshelf housing a collection of reference books.

Robert Stilin Introspective

French pair of display consoles with ebonized legs | France, 1940 (BF6)
Magnifying Lens | England, 1880 (BF112)
 Metal Shelves Salvaged from Textile Factor | England, 1920 (AV51)

Rustic Sophistication

Rustic Sophistication


Sean Anderson Dering Hall

Photo via ©Alyssa Rosenheck for Sean Anderson Design

Came across another Sean Anderson design project while perusing the Dering Hall site and it stopped us in our tracks. We admire the sophistication that Sean brings to these rustic pieces. The grouping of multiple items bring a cohesive and strong look. Bravo Sean!   

Rustic Sophistication_Lee Stanton Antiques

A rustic worktable from Railway Station in France | France, 1880 (BJ15 & BJ15B)
A pair of maps of Oxford and Cambridge in
Black Wood Frames | England, 1860 (U010506)
A metal industrial lamp | France, 1940 (BF85)

Rustic Sophistication Lee Stanton Antiques

EDITIONS by Lee Stanton - A wing chair in leather and castors (LSE9)
A stool from a tree trunk | France, 1890 (BF122A, BF122B, BF122C)
Clockworks on Stand | France, 1860 (BJ22, BJ24, BJ25)

Show Piece

Show Piece

Neal Beckstedt Design Showroom
Photo by: Stephen Johnson 

An Inspirational image of Neal Beckstedt's work from the 2017 
Kips Bay Decorator Show House. The vignette's strength lies on the beautiful portrait by Pieter Hugo

Lee Stanton Lookbook

A chest of drawers in figured walnut with a grey & white 
marble top | France, 1840 (AW93)
Oil painting of woman on canvas  | France, 1880 (Arriving Winter 2018) 
19th century wood desk chair with curved back seating and studded upholstery | England, 1870 (BF117)

Copper and bronze lamp with etched classical figures and
custom silk share | France, 1920 (BF129)
Early 20th century arts and crafts glazed jardinière pot
with drip tray | England, 1900 (BF185)
A batik printing roller as vase | France, 1900 (BD177)

For those seeking a more masculine approach.
Lee Stanton Lookbook

A chest of drawers in figured walnut with a grey & white
marble top | France, 1840 (AW93)
Italian male nude painting by artist Falfavino who was inspired
by the body of Donatellos' David | Italy, 1938 (AS71)
19th century wood desk chair with curved back seating and studded upholstery | England, 1870 (BF117)

Lots to Study

Lots to Study


Photo: AD España, October 2018

The noted interior designer Gert Voorjans takes us into his home in Belgium. The colorful study, layered with books, and art gives us a lot too admire. 


Lookbook Gert Voorjans

An artist table | France, 1880 (Stock # BF3)
A seaside cityscape drawing | Belgium, 1898 (Stock # BC81)
An abstract paining | England, 1940 (Stock # BD51)


AD Espana Gert Voorjans

Photo: AD España, October 2018

Within the study, one cannot resist and admire the detail in the Luis XVI style bureau, their great mix of  of art and photography (including one of the Rudolf Nureyev by Lord Snowdon).


Gert Voorjans Lee Stanton Antiques

An English sideboard with a shaped upper apron above pedestal
cabinets on plinth bases | England, 1860 (Stock # AX139)
A portrait of a man with cigarette | France, 1880 (Stock #BA172)
Oil portrait of a young gentleman in a
free sketched style | USA, 1960 (Stock # U1062012)

Photo: AD España, October 2018

The dapper Gert Voorjans in his study. From a distance one can also admire the obelisk long case clock in the background.

More is More

More is More

Serge Lutens AD Espana
Photo: AD España, October 2018

Amongst the many titles that he has accumulated throughout his lifetime - photographer, fashion design, hair stylist perfume creator - Serge Lutens has also added interior designer to his accolades.  Well known for being a creative, he's a well renowned lover of all things beautiful. 

Pictured here is one of the many salons from his home in Marrakech. The layering and well precise placement of frames fully embraces the "more is more" approach of design which we a fan of.   

Lee Stanton Antiques Lookbook AD Espana
A pair of ebonized and leather upholstered chairs | England 1880 (B179)
Oil landscape painting of town in Belgium |  Belgium, 1890 (B88)
Oil painting on board signed by Anton Baur | Germany, 1940 (U92612K)

Lee Stanton Antiques Lookbook AD Espana 2018
A tramp art frame | France, 1890 (BF203)
Canvas of Anticoli Corrado (Signed) | USA, 1967 (U11013B)
An abstract water color of dancers | Germany, 1940 (BD154)

Serge Lutens in Morocco
Serge Lutens pictured here in Marrakech.

The Classics

The Classics

Juan Pablo Molyneuax Gallery

Photo: Veranda, September/October 2018 

The classical period of design pertains to the ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian styles of design. This was extended to both the arts and architecture as well. 

Here we see the influence of that period in the french chateau of designer Juan Pablo Molyneux. His sculpture gallery displays reliefs, casts, a beautiful chandelier (designed by Molyneux himself) and an exquisite plastered ceiling.   

Veranda Magazine The Classics Antiques

A cast of Dyonysos by British Museum | England, 1860 (BF49) 
A pair of marble capitals with square base | Italy, 1880 (V4B)
A framed (full length) drawing of a sculpture | France, 1880 (AW235A

Veranda Magazine The Classics Antiques LookBook


A pair of etched mirror panel hanging candlestick lights | Italy, 1920 (AR98)
A three tier table in mahogany with marble top | England, 1890 (BC113)
A carved stone bust of a woman | England, 1860 (AH58



AD Espana Septiembre Johan Hoeven Cocina
Photo: AD España, Sep 2018
A collection of wooden objects on display in the home of interior designer Johan Hoeven out of Bruges, Belgium.  

Special molds from a glass blower (Email to inquire)
A wood urn of ripped form (BF114)
A pair of wood treen pots with lids (BD30)
A set of three large turned wood vases (BE54)
An assortment of nine foundry elements (U12817)

Editorial Inspiration - Great Room

Editorial Inspiration - Great Room

Bachelors of Design - World of Interiors September 2018
Photo: World of Interiors, September 2018

From the "Bachelors of Design" article featuring the home of Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, founders of Dimore Studio. Their great room incorporates pieces from different time periods and styles, but uses cohesive colors to bring it all together. 

Lee Stanton Antiques Coffee Table

A stone top coffee table with mahogany base (BD161)
A glazed yellow and brown pot (AY79A)
A painters sample board in mahogany frame (R148B)

Lee Stanton Antiques Wall Art

A mixed media copper and suede artwork (U52016C)
A pair of cast iron brutalist plaques (U040418A)
A yellow confit pot  (BC120)