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Do You Judge a Book by the Cover?

The Look vs Substance


We have all experienced it. We see something from a distance that has the right look, but when we get up close, we realize something is not right; it's a knock off. 

Whether it's clothing that we plan to wear in public, or a piece of furniture that we put in our home for our friends to see and us to enjoy, do we really think that we are the only ones that are going to notice that something is off, not right, or simply not the real thing?  

Replica distressed wood and rusted iron cannot compare to the original; Trestle Table (BC57)

Do we really think that the ladies we lunch with are not going to notice that knock off designer bag? Do we really think we are the only ones with proper vision, or the discerning eye for what is right or wrong? Do we even care what is right or wrong?  

Replica distressed leather does not provide the same luster as the original; Borge Mogensen sofa (BD172)

Do we really think that the friends visiting our homes are not going to notice that our supposedly 'curated' furniture actually consists of objects that lack the substance, quality, or real factor that we desire and they expect? Do we really think they will not notice the patina not eh bookcase is sprayed on, or the the hand carving is really pressed fiberboard? 

The hyper-shine on the replica reflects its incorrect proportions and form; Postmasters Desk (AX7)

When I shop for pieces for my showroom, I always have to have two sets of eyes. One set that is looking for great items with "the look", and another set that looks at the construction, the finish and the over all purity of the piece.  

Tufts in all the wrong places; authentic tufted chair (AZ116)

I know I must sound like Miranda Priestly in the classic cerulean blue sweater scene in The Devil Wears Prada. But really? I don't know which is worse, not caring about the difference, or thinking we are the only ones sophisticated enough to recognize quality and know the difference.