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Every Piece Tells a Story

As clients visit my showroom and admire the antiques, they often ask me about their history and, after an explanation, they inevitably respond, "wow, every piece must tell a story." 

It's true. When people purchase a piece and place it in their home, they are adding a story and a bit of character to their home. 

The candlestick that once provided light to read a book of poetry, now adorns our table as an object to enjoy and create ambiance within our rooms. 


Photo: Pinterest

We enjoy our morning coffee at a vend age table that once unfolded from a corner in a wine cellar, enabling previous owners to sit and taste wine from aged barrels. 

The wing-back chair that once shielded against the draft in cold homes warmed by fireplaces and coal furnaces, now is a design feature that provides stately character to our living room. 


Photo: Pinterest

The partners desk that once sat two people to conserve the space of two desks in a small room, now provides a large surface to spread out our projects in our spacious libraries or home offices today.

The portrait of a grandfather or a famous distant cousin is now the painting of some handsome guy in our hallway.  

The bookcase that once housed the books that people actually read for entertainment, curiosity or knowledge, now display our interesting curiosities, good-looking books and flat screen monitors, which enable us to watch videos, search google or research on wikipedia. 


Photo: Pinterest

The tea caddies that once stored cherished teas, now adorn our bookcases or sit on our end tablets store the remote control devices.  

I can't help but think that as our lives become more complex, the purposes of these interesting pieces have become more simple. 

So yes, as we live our busy, complicated and modern lives, stop and think about the stories told by the objects in our homes. Think about the history and original function of these great pieces, as they now have a renewed purpose in our homes today.