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The Game Room

1st dibs, the prolific website that brings dealers and buyers together from all over the world, highlights some of the most entertaining game rooms. From classic revival game rooms with British flare to modern and contemporary pool halls. While themes and eras change, the games still remain consistent. I mean you still need a billiards table to play pool.

Photo: Gianni Franchellucci for Elle Decor

At Churburg Castle, a 13th-century building in northern Italy, an Austrian billiard table is surrounded by a hand-painted mural from 1820. A collection of dining and hall chairs accompanied by an Italian 1860's billiards table from the Piedmont region.

A carom style billiard table with exceptional inlay (AO278)
Blue upholstered dining chairs with tapered legs of exquisite form (BA199)
Painted and decorated upholstered dining chairs (AZ140)
Upholstered Empire dining chairs in rosewood with exceptional form (BC167)


Photo: Jason Schmidt for Architectural Digest

At a Litchfield County, Connecticut residence, interior designer India Mahdavi used colorful, hard-edge works by Sol LeWitt as a backdrop for the home’s games room.

Photo: Bjorn Wallander for Architectural Digest

At the Bedford, New York home of fashion designer Ralph Lauren, layered floor coverings and a Victorian-style billiards table help create a lived-in, luxurious leisure space.

The only thing that can upstage the billiards table is the leather club chair for the players to relax in.

An upholstered dark brown chair in leather (BC88)
A leather upholstered club chair (sold)
A pair of tufted upholstered original leather chairs (BC151)

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