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Hollywood & Antiques

While working with Architectural Digest, we wanted show that antiques are meant to do more than just look nice in a home. Below is our conversation with Architectural Digest:

“I collaborated with photographer Carlos Eric Lopez, who wanted to create a set with the mood of David Fincher's movie Fight Club,” says Lee Stanton, the shop owner. “We came up with the color palette and furnishings that would work best to express a metaphoric story that, rather than expressing the struggle between two major characters, expressed the struggle between ourselves and the environment we live in.”

Antiques actually fit right into the EMA’s mission to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the environment. “In addition to beauty and character, antiques offer a quality, long-lasting, sustainable alternative to disposable pieces today,” Stanton explains. He counts many celebrities as clients, who come to him in search of pieces rich in history. “It is rewarding to help them as they seek beauty in their personal spaces with a vision for beauty on a grander scale in the world,” he says. Read on to see some of the event’s biggest names posing with Stanton’s gorgeous antiques, all of which are for sale at his store.

“The globe was so appropriate for Jaden Smith,” Stanton says. “Since the world is made up of 70 percent water, the globe illustrates Jaden's world and his fight for it today.”

Classical Lecture

I am honored to be speaking in the 2016 Classical Lecture Series, presented by The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, along with my esteemed colleague Jane Hallworth.screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-3-05-11-pm

Learn more about the lecture here.

Explore more of the ICAA and it's membership details here

Buying Trip

It's time for another adventure. In the end of May we will be making our way to England and Europe to hunt for more antiques and unique finds. Make sure to follow our adventure on Instagram @leestantonla

Throw Back to Legends

It's already been a week since Legends and I still can't stop thinking about it. The panels were informative, the windows were inspiring, and the parties were full of excitement. I could not be more thankful for my friend's and colleague's hard work that went into making this year's event truly "one of a kind".



To learn more about Legends visit LCDQLA.com

View more at leestanton.com or stashla.com

One Of A Kind Windows

This year's Legends event has been a whirlwind of excitement and non-stop entertainment. An iconic statement of the event are the window designs, this years are better than ever. The theme for this year is "One of a Kind", and our windows could not have turned out better, thanks to Robert Stilin, and Nate Berkus.

Robert uses contemporary art to complement the antique furniture. A perfect reading corner for a one of a kind art lover.

Nate utilizes antique furniture from France, Spain, and Italy to set an intimate scene of as if one was looking though a door into someone's well curated home.

Make sure to see all the windows during Legends by visiting lcdqla.com and vote for your favorite design.

Photography by: Grey Crawford

Legends 2016 Trailer

The 2016 Legends event is around the corner and the trailer has officially been released. You can see a full list of this years window designers and showrooms here

Make sure to register while there's still room.

Artfully Displayed

Photo: Architectural Digest

Collecting art is a passion, whether your a novice or an expert, anyone can do it.  Some of the most satisfying discoveries from our buying trips have been unique artworks; from charcoal drawings to oil seascapes. Mixing different styles can help create a unique look for a room, one that is all its own.

Once you've collected an eclectic mix of art, the next step is displaying your collection. That's where the challenge, and fun begins!



An abstract oil painting on canvas and wood frame (BC86)
A seaside cityscape drawing (BC81)
A large painting by Malcolm Chandler in warm grey (sold)
A large abstract painting by Malcolm Chandler in blues and grey (BC95)
A large abstract painting by Malcolm Chandler (BC92)
A small abstract oil on board by Malcolm Chandler (sold)
A small oil on board by Diane Kingsley (BC91)
An abstract painting titled 'Building Site' by Peggy Trotman (BC74)
An oil painting on canvas of interior (sold)

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