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Rustic Sophistication

Rustic Sophistication


Sean Anderson Dering Hall

Photo via ©Alyssa Rosenheck for Sean Anderson Design

Came across another Sean Anderson design project while perusing the Dering Hall site and it stopped us in our tracks. We admire the sophistication that Sean brings to these rustic pieces. The grouping of multiple items bring a cohesive and strong look. Bravo Sean!   

Rustic Sophistication_Lee Stanton Antiques

A rustic worktable from Railway Station in France | France, 1880 (BJ15 & BJ15B)
A pair of maps of Oxford and Cambridge in
Black Wood Frames | England, 1860 (U010506)
A metal industrial lamp | France, 1940 (BF85)

Rustic Sophistication Lee Stanton Antiques

EDITIONS by Lee Stanton - A wing chair in leather and castors (LSE9)
A stool from a tree trunk | France, 1890 (BF122A, BF122B, BF122C)
Clockworks on Stand | France, 1860 (BJ22, BJ24, BJ25)