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Editorial Inspiration - Closet Envy

 Photo: Douglas Friedman  

Ken Fulk's closet, in the November issue of Architectural Digest, is the epitome of rich and eclectic design. He goes against the grain by utilizing antique bookcases and a brass clothing rack to replace the all to common closet kits of today. He embraces English details with a large antique box on stand hidden behind an unusual antler upholstered chair, these being reminiscent of the once popular royal hunts. So why not defy the expected and harness the old world culture by embracing antique furniture in order to diversify your own closet?


England circa 1820's Regency upholstered chair (B161)
England circa 1930 bookcases from Oxford university (BC131)
England circa 1880 large mahogany box (BD110)