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Bonny Balmoral

Bonny Balmoral

Known widely as the late Queen's favorite residence, Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland plays an important role in the history of the royal family. With its high Scottish Baronial architecture--a variant of Gothic Revival--lush, sprawling grounds, and beautifully appointed heirloom antiques, it's no wonder she considered Balmoral her "happy place". A fitting location then, that it should play host in her Majesty's final hours. 

Pictured above is Balmoral's grand ballroom. Dramatic high ceilings, Tudor-style architectural accents and mounted taxidermy give the space a rustic, lodge-like quality. Gilt chandeliers and richly brocaded tapestries incorporate a more gracious, opulent dimension. 

The lodge-like theme continues. The entrance hall at Balmoral has a robust yet restrained decorative schema, making it a perfect introduction to the rest of the home.

The hallway on the castle's ground floor has beautiful natural light. A colonnade of slim gothic arches flanks a wide spiral staircase, creating a sense of rhythmic dynamism.

The dining room at Balmoral features a handsome suite of studded leather chairs, large, simple mirrors, and a pair of heavily draped French windows. The effect is cozy and inviting.

Wall-to-wall tartan carpeting and floriated Victorian wallpaper create an atmosphere of Highland charm in Balmoral's central drawing room. Overstuffed tartan couches and plush tartan drapes enhance the effect.

The Queen's bedroom at Balmoral is simple yet luxurious. Elegant fleur-de-lis wallpaper creates a rich textural contrast with the wall-to-wall carpeting and various marbleized wood finishes. The antique textile framing her canopy bed adds a graceful, feminine touch. 

Photo: The Royal Collection Trust.