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Bar Scene

Photo: Vogue Living


Bar seating are some of the most difficult pieces to find. While a contemporary stool may look nice, it may not be the right height or comfortable. Well-worn antique stools on the other hand, always look good at a bar, no matter the aesthetic - and are aged to suit the body. Thats why having a wide variety of antique bar seating is always a good idea; one never knows which seat will fit perfectly.

An adjustable industrial stool (BB69A)
A set of 3 iron and wood stools (sold)
A metal stool with tripod legs (BA198A)
A light wood and metal adjustable swivel high chair (AW160D)
Six simple wooden factory stools (AW70A)
Wood and metal adjustable swivel (sold)
Metal and wood adjustable swivel chair (AW185D)


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