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Age Is Beauty

AGE IS BEAUTY - There is no argument that antiques bring a level of experience, knowledge and sophistication into our lives as they surround us in our homes.  They take us to a place and bring culture into our homes that we may have never have otherwise experienced. Furthermore, their patina from age humbles that experience and adds a sense of familiarity just as a gentle smile of a favorite aunt, uncle or grandparent. However, furniture and objects are sometimes overlooked because of the patina and or wear and tear from use that can actually bring texture and beauty to an environment.  With that in mind, I suggest we explore the aging process and perhaps even consider objects with patina as an art form.

Hence the inspiration for RAW, an exhibition in collaboration with Gary Gibson opening December 1. This exhibition embraces patina that incurs with age as beauty.  It features furniture and objects in their purest state.  It celebrates imperfection as the deconstructed nature of some of these pieces become art with a structural modernist tone.quote2

LOS ANGELES SHOWROOM 769 N. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069 310.855.9800 STASH WAREHOUSE is now only blocks from the showroom Viewings upon request


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