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Editorial Inspiration - Chests in the Corner

Painted chest of drawers tend to make a statement. This green chest of drawers is featured in a vacation house designed by Tammy Connor.


A pair of chest of drawers with faux-painted marble tops and wood grain (AX189)
A painted chest of drawers (sold)
A chest of drawers repainted in stripes (sold)
A painted chest of drawers with brass pulls and shield escutcheons (sold)
Chest of drawers with marble top (sold)
An ebonized Empire chest of drawers with marble top and brass handles (sold)

 A chest of drawers in the original paint (sold)



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Busting Up

I've noticed a trend on buying trips, there always seems to be a unique theme of antiques; one trip was sofas, another bookcases, etc. This trip, I've come across an abundance of busts and sculptures. After seeing all the unique displays, and appreciating the wide variety of ways they are show-cased, I see how under-appreciated these pieces are in the home. Incorporating busts and sculpture into decorating, will refreshen your space and update your current displays. 


A carved stone bust of a woman (AH58)
A graceful florentine bust of a woman with carved drapery (sold)


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Buying Trip

It's time for another adventure. In the end of May we will be making our way to England and Europe to hunt for more antiques and unique finds. Make sure to follow our adventure on Instagram @leestantonla

Throw Back to Legends

It's already been a week since Legends and I still can't stop thinking about it. The panels were informative, the windows were inspiring, and the parties were full of excitement. I could not be more thankful for my friend's and colleague's hard work that went into making this year's event truly "one of a kind".



To learn more about Legends visit LCDQLA.com

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One Of A Kind Windows

This year's Legends event has been a whirlwind of excitement and non-stop entertainment. An iconic statement of the event are the window designs, this years are better than ever. The theme for this year is "One of a Kind", and our windows could not have turned out better, thanks to Robert Stilin, and Nate Berkus.

Robert uses contemporary art to complement the antique furniture. A perfect reading corner for a one of a kind art lover.

Nate utilizes antique furniture from France, Spain, and Italy to set an intimate scene of as if one was looking though a door into someone's well curated home.

Make sure to see all the windows during Legends by visiting lcdqla.com and vote for your favorite design.

Photography by: Grey Crawford

Kitchen Cupboard

Photo: Elle Decor

A beautiful antique cupboard or restored bookcase can really anchor a room, as well as putting your dishes on display.


A painted cornice top bookcase on bracket feet from a school in Kladno (AZ47)
An ebonized bookcase with 5 shelves (BB89)
A red painted bookcase with glazed doors and lower cabinet door (AZ31)
A bookcase in oak with a molded cornice top and glass upper doors (sold)



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Legends 2016 Trailer

The 2016 Legends event is around the corner and the trailer has officially been released. You can see a full list of this years window designers and showrooms here

Make sure to register while there's still room.