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New Year, New Arrivals

New Year, New Arrivals

As I’ve mentioned before, my recent buying trip to Northern Europe was extraordinary. We just unpacked the second of three shipments and I couldn’t be more pleased. The diversity of this collection may initially surprise you. However, the transitional nature and remarkable quality of these items will result in what I hope will be a pleasant surprise.

My focus this trip was on Nordic and Scandinavian mid-century design. Pieces from renowned design houses, as well as those from influential, lesser known designers, in a mix of rustic, industrial, brutalist, organic and modernist styles. There is so much more to mid-century design than the classic pieces we see so often. I wanted to bring back an edit that could challenge our expectations of the period and expand our understanding of what it means to be 'mid-century'. I've found it's often the earlier that pieces are the most interesting. You can see the original inspiration fully played out, and often there was more experimentation going on too. 

The items in this collection embody the more understated, organic elements of mid-century modern design. Simple yet substantial, their modern elements are edited and structural, not decorative or overtly derivative. In this way, they feel more transitional and versatile in nature than the blatant copies and nouveau mid-century versions that are so common today. Often a simple, incredible design gets elaborated to the point where it loses its original identity. The demand for more, or for similar styles creates an overflow of imitation and elaboration, until eventually, something that was once unique and special gets boiled down into something that is common and ordinary. 

My hope is that individually, and as a collection, these pieces cast light on the diverse artistry of this period, and that you will feel encouraged to mix different elements within your own home. I am delighted to be able to share these extraordinary finds with you, and invite you to come see for yourself in person at our Showroom in Los Angeles, our Private Stash in Montecito, or by appointment at our Stash Warehouse.