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OUR LATEST BLOG POST: A Well Lived Home With Lots Of Patina

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A historic Hill End home, deep in the heart of New South Whales.

Six years on and a lifetime away from city living, artists Carroll and Moseley have settled for what Moseley calls “a village set in the margins of rural life and small-town suburbia”.

-Jan Jones

The Couple Genevieve Carrol and Bill Moseley seek to preserve the character and style of their artist home in the country. The inspiration from their living environment reflects back on their personality and characteristics. It is believed that the preservation of the home will also help in the preservation of their ideals and passions.  The trunk in the photo above acts as a center coffee table holding various random items. Multiple trunks are seen in the STASH warehouse and LA showroom.

"Other artist friends were already settled in Hill End, which has a rich history of artists flocking to the town from the mid-1950s. For Carroll, “the house looked like an old woman who needed a bouquet of flowers. The bones of the garden were still there; they just needed propping up and conserving.”

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